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Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween Decoration

Halloween Ideas, Pumpkin Carving ideas
Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween Decoration: Pumpkins can offer a lot to your imagination and creativity. Bats, vampires, Halloween ghosts, terrible spooky smiles – these will be a surprise, not only children but also for adults. A geometric and floral patterns that complement the natural material, will help you decorate any interior in a most original way.
You may buy several pumpkins in different colors – white, orange, yellow and craft cool Halloween decoration for the window sill, on the stairs or as a table centre piece. Look at the pumpkin carving ideas in the gallery and create your wonderful Halloween atmosphere!
Before trying out to prepare your Halloween Pumpkin Do check our post on How To Carve a Halloween Pumpkin it will help you a lot.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween Decoration

Pumpkin carving is the most popular way to change you pumpkin in a great holiday decoration. Any carved pumpkin always looks amazing and not only during the day, but also could illuminate your garden or house at night. Below we offer a lot of different examples to help you create an awesome pumpkin decoration and to surprise all your guests.

You could find as very scary pumpkins as pretty and nice ones. There are many very simple and fun patterns, which you could try to carve yourself at home and even create a whole set of crazy pumpkins. Besides you could also see several wonderful pumpkins, which look like as real art works.


Looking to add personality to your Halloween decor? Try carving a Jack-O-Lantern with a goofy face! These light-up apparitions are always welcome to guide the wandering passerby through the night.

halloween pumpkin carving ideas
halloween pumpkin carving ideas

Batty Pumpkin

Feeling a little batty? Try this spook-tacular pumpkin design that uses a bat shape as the pumpkin’s nose and mouth. Attach the stencil to the pumpkin with a pin or tape.

Outline the pattern by poking holes about a quarter of an inch apart with a pin or sharp object. Scrape off the pumpkin’s top layer of flesh. Be sure to leave a thin layer of flesh to achieve a two-toned look.

pumpkin stencils
pumpkin stencils

Star-Gazing Cat Pumpkin

Skip the traditional jack-o’-lanterns this year. Instead, light your doorway with a new scene. This cat watching the stars is perfect for the season. Use the downloadable pattern to trace the scene.

Outline the pattern by poking holes about a quarter of an inch apart with a pin or sharp object. Scrape out the sky around the cat and stars.

carved pumpkins
carved pumpkins

Owl Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving can be a hoot, especially with this owl design. Download the pattern and attach it to the pumpkin. Outline the pattern by poking holes about a quarter of an inch apart with a pin or other sharp object.

Rather than traditional carving, create grooves for the thin lines of the owl’s face. Hold the blade at an angle and carve on both sides of the outline to create a v-shaped channel.

halloween pumpkin ideas
halloween pumpkin ideas

Gourd Goblin

Drill out the sides to insert gourd arms. Add a green gourd nose held in place with dowels and paint three small gourds to attach on top as eyeballs. Carving a goofy grin completes the look.

pumpkin faces
pumpkin faces


Simple, yet elegant with a spectacular finish. This Spider man-themed pumpkin is sure to bring joy to all the superhero-loving kids in the neighbourhood!.

We have given you idea of spider-man You can try which ever super hero you like but keep in mind choose simple Hero Image which you can carve easily.

pumpkin carving
pumpkin carving


Unlike the other additions to this list, this project doesn’t have much of a complex design. Simply adding holes wouldn’t make for a good Jack-O-Lantern, right? Wrong! Adding spots to a pumpkin makes for a elegant decoration that doesn’t draw attention away from your Halloween  props. Don’t make your setting too busy!


Carving words out of pumpkins can have an amazing effect when the pumpkins are spread across the lawn. This Halloween 2016, keep your theme simple and center your decorations around a simple word or phrase, say, “Boo!”


Tired of the traditional Jack-O-Lantern? Try gift-wrapping pumpkins for a creative spin, instead! These pumpkins work great as indoor decorations, adding festive splendor to your dinner table or party plates!



Grab some cut-out stencils from our Halloween tools section and get to work! These patterned pumpkins are easy to make, with a profoundly fun effect on your lawn!.

For more detail on idea clcik on link .. How to decorate halloween pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Ideas For Kids
Halloween Pumpkin Decoration Ideas For Kids

Pumpkin Messages

Who said carved pumpkins had to be hollow? Carve a heartfelt message on a pumpkin for a touching effect. You can use any message which you want to say to your loved one whether your friends our your family just crave some of lovely messages on Halloween Pumpkin and impress them with your art work .You can also place message pumpkin outside your house in lawn to celebrate Halloween in different way…

halloween pumpkin carving
halloween pumpkin carving

Model Pimpkins

The best part about pumpkin carving is that your creativity can run wild. No two Jack-O-Lanterns are the same! You can use pumpkins as props, centrepieces, or a part of a greater set of decorations!

Do you have Halloween ghost decorations around the house?
Add a Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin head!
Got some miniature ghost props?
Make them a pumpkin house!

We hope you like our ideas on Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween Decoration. Do comment and share your ideas too, show your art work of Halloween Pumpkin Carving and if we like it we will be adding it in our next post, someone can get help in carving their Pumpkin from your ideas so be connected and sharing our ideas.. Happy Halloween.

we hope you like our post on Pumpkin Carving Ideas For Halloween Decoration. Do comment and share your ideas also and stay connected for more post on Happy Halloween Day……

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